Minister Roots for More Agriculture Research

Minister of Agriculture, Animal industry and Fisheries Vincent Bamulangaki Ssempijja has called on government to invest more in research so that farmers can be equipped with more knowledge in agriculture.

This, the minister said, would help in bringing on new varieties and mitigating unnecessary risks, especially with the prevailing dramatic change in climate.

“It’s now the right time for the Government to think about the farmers through significant investments especially in research and also looking closely at the price mechanism,” he said.

“Research should be undertaken so as we can get new varieties which can withstand all conditions especially drought and coffee wilt.”

Vincent Ssempijja was speaking Friday at the 16th African Fine Coffee Conference and Exhibition, which started on February 14 at Kampala Serena.

During the 3-day summit, farmers were tipped on wide-ranging agricultural area, including selecting quality coffee, irrigating, harvesting, and drying coffee.

With the above executed well, farmers were told, they would go to the bank smiling.

Facts You should know


The African Fine Coffee Conference & Exhibition is Africa’s largest coffee trade platform that brings over 2000 regional and international coffee roasters, traders, producers, professionals.

The next conference will be in Kigali, Rwanda.

This was the third time that Uganda was hosting this events.

Uganda is the birth place of Robusta Coffee

Uganda is the number one African exporter

Uganda is the 8th largest coffee producer, producing 4.6 million bags in CY2016/2017.

Uganda is the second largest African coffee after Ethiopia.

42% of Uganda households grow coffee

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