Minister Otafiire Doubts Armed LDUs’ Ability to Defend Cities

Kahinda Otafiire addressing Journalists at Lake View hotel in Mbarara on Wednesday

Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Kahinda Otafiire has expressed reservations on the recent decision to deploy 24000 armed reserves to curb crime in the capital Kampala and Wakiso.

President Yoweri Museveni announced last week that he will be recalling, arming and deploying these reserves as LDU’s in all villages in Kampala and Wakiso, with permission to shoot on site especially armed murderers.

The president described this as the “Luweero method,” which he said will cost Shs. 57Billion and will last about one year.

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But speaking to press in Mbarara on Wednesday, Minister Kahinda said he was unsure about the effectiveness of this method.

“I don’t want to say it will not help… but these kinds of murders are not something you can prevent,” he said.

“You cannot stop these murders because it’s difficult to protect everybody.”

“If they don’t murder Kirumira they will murder Otafiire and if not me they will come for you.”

A more effective way, Otafiire said, is trying to detect such crimes before they happen.

He believes that installing CCTV cameras and improving police technology will significantly reduce these crimes.

“What is very important is to have information about who is doing it,” he said.

Instead of arming the LDUs, Otafiire says they should be used to gather intelligence on the criminals.

President Museveni said this measure of arming LDUs is temporary and will be phased out once the city CCTV cameras are fully installed.

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