Minister Oryem: UPDF Will ‘Smash’ Anyone Interfering With Evacuation of Ugandans

The International Affairs Minister of State, sildenafil Okello Oryem has asked all Ugandans to stay calm as the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) safely evacuates fellow citizens from the war-torn South Sudan.

The national crossed back into the neighboring country for the mission.

Minister Oryem was today presenting a statement before Parliament on the security and safety of Ugandans who have been conducting business and living in South Sudan.

The Minister noted that over 3000 Ugandans are still trapped in South Sudan of which a total of 11 have been killed in the recent armed conflict.

“We have so far retrieved 5 bodies of those killed in Juba and the 6 who died from other parts in the country are yet to be retrieved, unhealthy ” Oryem noted.

The Minister however warned that any of the forces in South Sudan that dares tries to interfere with the evacuation process of Ugandans from South Sudan will be treated with no mercy.

“Anybody who attacks our contingents will pay the ultimate penalty, I warn whoever makes any attempt; We will smash anyone that stands in our way.”

“No one should question the participation of the UPDF in the evacuation process of Ugandans from South Sudan, UPDF is responsible for giving them security from South Sudan and will ensure that all Ugandans are delivered safely back home.”


“What the UPDF will not do, is get involved in the security Of South Sudan as they did in the past; we are not going there with arms and artillery to interfere with the security of South Sudan until the Security Council or IGAD asks us to do so.”

Minister Oryem’s warning came only hours after reports confirmed by UPDF that one of the trucks that was conducting the evacuation mission was attacked by South Sudanese fighters.

The Army spokesperson Col Paddy Ankunda without giving much detail said that the ambush was successfully dispelled.

The Security Minister, Henry Tumukunde clarified that Uganda hasn’t deployed its forces in South Sudan to engage in the war but rather have been sent with an important mission of ensuring that Ugandans who are trapped in the embattled country are brought back home safely.

“When it is necessary for UPDF to deploy in South Sudan, we shall come back here (Parliament) and seek for permission; there is however an AU force and in case the Ugandan contingent is to participate, we shall still come land seek your permission,” Tumukunde noted.


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