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Minister Odongo Admits Gen Otema Guards’ Gunshot Killed Man in a Garden

The Minister of Internal Affairs, this Gen Jeje Odongo, ampoule has admitted to errors made by the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF), in Nwoya district where a one Alex Ocama was recently shot and killed.

The Minister said that the incidents in both Nwoya and Amuru districts were as a result of land disputes and required collective effort to resolve them.

“The roles of the UPDF are well outlined in the Constitution. Sometimes errors are made, but it is our duty to ensure that we correct these errors,” Odongo said.

The Minister’s presentation followed concerns raised by Nwoya MPs, Hon. Simon Oyet (FDC, Nwoya) and Hon. Lilly Adong (Ind., Nwoya district), and Hon. Gilbert Olanya (FDC, Kilak South).

The issues were first raised during the plenary sitting on Tuesday.

Hon. Oyet said that soldiers guarding Maj. Gen. Charles Otema’s farm in Nwoya had shot, killed and later attempted to confiscate the body of a one Alex Ocama.

“There is a lot of intimidation from Otema’s guards as they do not want investigations to be done. There is deployment of armed guards on Otema’s farms and on those of his relatives,” he said.

Hon. Olanya wondered why the Army was being used in land disputes and for guarding agricultural farms.


“Why are we abusing the integrity of the UPDF, which is respected as a professional institution across the continent,” he asked.

Minister Jeje Odongo narrated that on 22 May, 2017, the deceased together with his wife and daughter, were confronted by a one Juma, an escort of Maj Otema, as they prepared their garden for farming.

“You are the people who are interfering in the land of Otema,” the Minister quoted Juma telling Ocama.

The Minister said that out of fear, the wife and daughter fled, leaving the armed Juma with Ocama in the garden.

The two later heard a gunshot from the direction of the garden.

He said that a search mounted together with the Police discovered Ocama’s body, whom postmortem conducted at Gulu Hospital revealed that he had died of shock caused by a gunshot.

It remains unclear whether the shooter was in detention as MPs continue to press for justice.

Meanwhile, the Minister refuted claims by Waila Majegere (Ind., Bunya East) that Imam Sulaiman Mudenya, arrested over the murder of Police Spokesperson AIGP Felix Kaweesi, was missing from all detention facilities.

Gen. Odongo said that Imam Mudenya is being held in Nalufenya and that his file has been forwarded to the DPP for advice on his prosecution.

Hon Majegere, however said that family members had failed to access and visit Mudenya in Nalufenya, and were informed that he had been referred to Kireka and later to Luzira Prison.

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