Minister Nakiwala Commends the Church for Its Effort in Fighting for Children’s Rights

The Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi has commended the Church of Uganda for its endless dedicated effort in fighting for the rights of children.

Nakiwala was speaking today October 7 at the launch of the second Leaders Guide on Positive Parenting manual, an initiative of the Church.

The launch was themed “take care of this child”, an excerpt from Exodus 2:9 which is intended to  bring out the plight of all children so that they can grow up knowing that they are cherished and loved by the heavenly father and the church that serves him, as explained by the Church ministers.

“Each one of us will have to give accountability for the responsibility given to us by God,” Nakiwala said.

Addressing the press in Namirembe, Nakiwala revealed that the Ministry wants to underscore the importance of children who form more than 50% of the population.

“To ensure that they are dignified and given the mandate that is lawful to run the affairs of children in the country, Parliament, through the Children’s Act 2016, amended the statute to accommodate the children,” she said.

“I have put in place an interim committee that will ensure that we transition the council into an authority so that we look at all the emerging issues of children. The child headed families in Uganda constitute 29%,” Nakiwala added.

She lauded the Church of Uganda for continually focusing on addressing issues that affect the welfare of children.


The positive parenting guide’s focus this year has been put on strengthening the families and encouraging parents to give sufficient attention to children and enable them to grow in all areas of life.

The Minister also noted that parenting has increasingly become more of a challenge than an opportunity these days.

“Instead of children being gifts, they are viewed as a burden. Many youths and children are at risk due to conflicts in homes and out of the effects that have came with Covid-19,” Nakiwala noted.

She added that it is great that the Church of Uganda has launched the parenting guide during the Covid-19 period when children are facing various challenges while spending longer periods at home.

“During this Covid-19 period, we have noticed that school is neither safe nor home. Poor parenting is real and practical; it makes children commit crimes out of what they see on a daily basis at home,” she said

Meanwhile, the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Reverend Steven Kazimba Mugalu said that the book will help to guide parents on how to groom the young ones.

“The book that we have launched will guide parents. God has given us these children and we need to take good care of them,” said Rev. Kazimba.

“To avoid grooming criminals, let us balance when we are parenting these children. Regardless of the pandemic and the current situation, we should guide these girls so that they don’t end up getting pregnant,” he added.

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