Minister Nadduli Summoned For Assaulting Witch Doctor

High Court in Kampala on Friday summoned Minister Without Portfolio, Abdul Nadduli to give his defense in the case in which he is accused of assaulting a witch doctor and demolishing his house.

The assault case dates back about four years, but according to the complaint, the Minister, (who at the time was serving as the Luweero District Chairman), used his influence to manipulate the authorities including the office of the DPP, to grossly mismanage the case in his favor.

The Minister is being accused of beating up one Vincent Mukasa, a witch doctor and resident of Kasozi village, in Butambala Sub County, Luweero district.

According to documents before court, Nadduli on March 6th 2014, “pounced on (Mukasa) and beat him up.”

Musaka said Nadduli, who had come with a gang of people, unleashed them on him and that he “cheerfully watched as the complainant was being beaten.”

Thereafter, Mukasa says Nadduli ordered his people to demolish his house which was under construction, after which, the construction materials at the site were also stolen by the gang.

According to Mukasa’s lawyers, of Serwadda Muherereza and Company Advocates, a case was filed against Nadduli in 2014, but taking advantage of his influence and the former’s illiteracy, he was able to get himself off the hook.

Counsel Alan Bariyo told our reporter that Nadduli, despite commanding the attacking gang and physically partaking in the assault, he somehow managed to have the Office of the DPP remove his name from the charge sheet.


He adds that the minister also influenced the investigating officer to undervalue Mukasa’s demolished building and his stolen construction materials.

Sleepy Court

When contacted for a comment, Minister Nadduli told our reporter on Friday evening that the complainant, Mr Mukasa “was a mad man.”

He also advised us to “leave that case alone.”

The Minister said that by the time we contacted him, he had not received the court summons.

Pressed further on Mukasa’s claims, Minister Nadduli turned against the High Court for entertaining such an old case.

Eyo kooti nayo eba nnebafu, okuzuukusa omusango gwebagoba edda,” he said, translating, “That must be a sleepy court, reviving a case that was dismissed a long time ago.

Speaking to us from his home in Luweero, the complainant Mr Musaka said to this date he doesn’t know what prompted Mr Nadduli to attack him.

“He just came with the police and other people and called for me, and when I came out, he started beating me up,” he said.

“The land on which I was building the house is mine and i have documents for it. I also i got permission to build the house from Nadduli himself,” he said.

Mr Mukasa in his fresh case, is now asking the High Court to order the minister to compensate him for his demolished building and stolen building materials, to a tune of Shs.51million, on top of other general, special and punitive damages as the court may deem fit.

The High Court Registrar gave Minister Nadduli 15 days (from Friday) within which to file his defense; failure of which, the matter would be determined in his absence.

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