Minister Molly Kamukama Sues NRM, Wants Kazo Flag Bearer Nomination Blocked

Economic Monitoring Minister Molly Kamukama has dragged the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party to court challenging the outcome of last month’s primary elections in which she lost the Kazo Woman MP party flag.

Hon Kamukama lost the election to Jenifer Muheesi Abaho 16802 to 16715 votes.

The election exercise in the western district was marred with violence and claims of fraud and the results were not announced until over a week later by the party Electoral Commission.

In a suit filed yesterday at the High Court in Mbarara, Hon Kamukama seeks to block her party from forwarding the flag bearer, Mrs Muheesi to the national Electoral Commission for nomination.

In this matter which is scheduled for hearing on October 14th, the NRM is being sued alongside its Electoral Commission chaired by Dr Tanga Odoi, the recently appointed NRM Election Disputes Tribunal and the flag bearer Jeniffer Muheesi herself.

Hon Kamukama in the suit asked court to issue an injunction restraining the NRM and its EC from nominating and endorsing Muheesi to the Electoral Commission as the validly elected NRM flag bearer for the Kazo District Woman MP before the final disposal of her main case in which she challenges the election results.

It was unclear why the minister did not make use of the NRM elections tribunal and decided to sue it alongside the party.

About two weeks ago on September 20th, Kamukama said she was “making use of the NRM channels for redress” because “the official results do not tally with the DR forms”


In the wake of the election violence in Kazo on September 5th, Kamukama accused Muheesi of using the military to disrupt the election exercise.

On that day according to reports, a group of unknown invaded and ransacked the Kazo district tally centre and left with the results after destroying some.

Later on Minister Kamukama accused the NRM electoral commission of altering the results.

She said on the voting day she together with two other candidates were initially leading Mr Muheesi with thousands of votes, but that the latter’s “numbers kept turning up from wherever they were coming from and that raised a lot of suspicion.”

“The people of Kazo spoke and no one is going to impose another person on them,” she said.

Our efforts to reach the NRM Spokesperson Mr Rogers Mulindwa for a comment were futile.

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