Minister Kyambadde Ordered to Update Parliament On Excess Sugar Cane

The deputy speaker Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah has directed the Minister of Trade Hon Amelia Kyambadde to file a comprehensive report on the availability of excess out-grower’s sugar cane at sugar mills within two weeks.

Kyambadde who also doubles as the Mawokota North MP, while addressing the house yesterday, attributed this problem to maintenance works at Sugar Corporation of Uganda Ltd (SCOUL) and Kakira Sugar between May and June.

Kyambadde says this coincided with machinery breakdowns at nearby mills notably; Kamuli, Mayuge sugar and G.M sugar limited.

On the other hand, she pointed out that despite increased installed capacities at sugar mills, they have not been able to produce surplus sugar due to the sugar cane export trade.

This she says need to be stopped forthwith to stop escalation of lack of raw materials.

“As I explained earlier, sugar cane production has been dropping from 2014 to 2018 due to lack of sugar cane supply to these mills”, she says.

Kyambadde says sugar cane once harvested needs to be produced within 36 hours to avoid loss of sucrose due to evaporation.

Government policy stipulates that export of raw materials should be avoided to stimulate industrial growth.


Commenting on the matter, Hon. Kenneth Lubogo the Bulamogi MP said sugar factories have made it public that they cannot take in any more sugar cane.

Lubogo also disputed the minister’s 36 sugar production timeline saying trucks are packed for close to 10 days.

Rising on this matter, Hon. Stephen Kisa challenged the minister about whether she is aware of sugar cane price fluctuation.

Kisa says Madhvani has apparently reduced prices from 128,000 shillings to 120,000 shillings per ton.

Ruling on the matter, Deputy Speaker Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanya adirected the minister to come back in two weeks so that the house can debate on all these particular issues.


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