Minister Kiwanda Warns Poachers

Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Hon Godfred Kiwanda Suubi has reiterated government’s commitment to go after and apprehend all people involved in poaching of wild animals.

The minister said Friday that people who can’t help killing animals should register and pay for sports hunting.

“For all those who want to hunt animals they should get permits of sports hunting and we shall give them a specific place to hunt only the tired animals that are old and cannot produce young ones,” he said.

The minister told press that the country largely depends on wildlife-based tourism which means that it should be protected at all costs.

“Even if you find a wild animal in your garden do not kill it just let it go unless you’re in a helpless situation which is rear,” he said.

The Minister mentioned pangolins and cane rat as some of the animals facing extinction due to poachers.

Other endangered animals he said are Mountain Gorillas, African Elephants, Lions, Chimpanzees, Leopards, Rhinos and African wild dogs.

Most are hunted for their meat, shells, horns and skins.

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