Minister Kibuule Blames Assault Allegations on ‘Haters’

State Minister for Water and Fisheries and MP Mukono North, visit this Hon. Ronald Kibuule has finally responded to his alleged assault of a female security; a one Hellen Obuk who works at Mukono based Stanbic Bank on Friday last week. In a statement recorded at Mukono Police station, ambulance Obuk said the Minister resisted checking before boxing her in the chest when she insisted.

The public has since widely condemned the Minister for the alleged act saying it is demeaning to women and that he should publicly apologize.

In fact some people made furious posts on their social media threatening to close their Stanbic bank accounts owing to the fact that the bank’s CEO Patrick Mweheire wrote an apology to the Minister after the incident.

On Monday, page Hon. Kibuule wrote on his Facebook wall; “What I did was to caution this girl (security guard) that I couldn’t be checked by a female, her fellow guard called Maxwell was there and saw what happened but the way she is turning around that she was slapped into coma is unbelievable.”

He explained that the events that transpired had been misreported, attributing it to his political opponents.

“You know it is absurd how people especially my political opponents are working around the clock to poison people’s minds and jump to conclusions with a lot of insults,” the Minister lamented.

Kinuule wants Stanbic Bank to release the CCTV security footage of the incident which will set the record straight and “prove whether I beat this girl or not” he said.  He went ahead to defend the apology issued Friday by Stanbic CEO claiming it wasn’t based on his social strata as a Minister.

As opposed to the ridicule hurled at the Minister for making statements that encourage contempt towards women, Kibuule wrote; “I am a woman activist, the allegations aren’t true. This is just the work of my haters who want to see me down. I can never raise my hand to beat a woman,” before apologizing for inconveniences.

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