Minister Kasolo Cautions Ugandans against Destructive Politics, Says Emyooga Money to be Released before End of Year

The State Minister for Microfinance Haruna Kasolo Kyeyune has cautioned ugandans against involving themselves in destructive and unproductive Politics that does not benefit them personally.

The Minister said that as voters, their role is to vote but not solicit support for politicians or involve themselves in political demonstrations.
“As a voter and a Ugandan, wait for 14th January, go to a polling station, choose a leader of your choice and go back to your business or job. It is not your role to be running around looking for votes for politicians, let the politicians look for thier own votes because that’s their business, that’s where they get what to eat,” he said.
Minister Kasolo was speaking to residents of the Gaba landing site and market that converged at the gaba beach for the Presidential Initiative on Wealth and job creation commonly known as Emyooga.
Hon Kasolo and a group of government officials from Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and the Microfinance Support Centre were in the area to sensitize and mobilise individuals in the fishing sector about the Emyooga Initiative and the need to save as groups.
“The only thing that will get you out of poverty is if you learn to save. It will be even much better if you can save a s a group because then you have access to credit and have better bargaining powers incase of any issues. Even if the government changes, if you do not have any financial discpline, you will still remain power,” he said.
Minister Kasolo further noted that the associations and saccos  in Kampala should fully be registered by next week so that they can start receiving money in the following week.
“The President gave me 5b for Kampala and it’s already available. I am just waiting for the saccos to be finalized so I start authorizing the transfer of the money to accounts. This will be done before end of the year. But the money will only be given to saccos whose members are already saving money,” he said.
In his remarks, the chairman Gaba Landing Site, Gabriel Musisi asked the government to fulfill it’s promises and renovate the landing site and also build the gaba market.
“Every politician that wants to win an election in gaba uses the market and the landing site as bait. They keep promising to work on those two issues but nothing is ever done. We are hopeful that the NRM government will work on those two issues like it has done in other areas,” Musisi said.
The Emyooga Initiative was launched in August last year by President Museveni as part of government efforts to improve household incomes. The project worth Shs 260b is aimed at promoting job creation and improving household income of 68% Ugandans in subsistence agriculture.
Who is eligible?
Kasolo said the Emyooga programme is for all active Ugandans above 18 years. These include bodaboda riders, taxi drivers, restaurants owners,welders, market vendors, women entrepreneurs, youth, people with disabilities, journalists, performing artistes, veterans, fishermen and elected leaders.
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