Minister Kamukama Narrowly Loses in Kazo NRM Primaries

Economic Monitoring Minister Molly Kamukama has lost the race for the NRM parliamentary flag for the Kazo District Woman MP

The NRM Electoral Commission Chairman Dr Tanga Odoi this afternoon declared Mrs Jenifer Muheesi Abaho as the winner of the election, whose results had been delayed for a week.

Abaho polled 16802 votes against Minister Kamukama’s 16715 – a margin of just 87 votes.

Others in the race were Ronah Ruranga Kemirembe who managed 13288 votes, Anne Ruyondo who polled 9039, Leonida Tukundane who managed 2721, Hope Mbabazi who got 1533, Moreen Karubanga who got 1265, and Merab Kyamazimba who trailed with 1210 votes.

“I therefore declared Muhesi Abaho Jenipher who has polled the highest number of votes as the duly elected flag bearer for Kazo district woman member of parliament 2020,” Odoi announced.

The primary election results for Kazo district were not announced on the polling day on Friday last week owing to violence which marred the exercise.

According to the NRM deputy spokesperson Ofwono Opondo, a group of unknown people that evening ransacked the tally centre and left with the results after destroying some.


Minister Kamukama blamed the incident on one of her contenders, whom she said was guarded by the army.

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