Minister Kamukama Commences Duty, Promising Inclusive Economy

Hon. Nawe Molly Kamukama, the newly appointed State Economic Monitoring has commenced work.

Kamukama received instruments of office from the outgoing minister Dr Baltazar Kasirivu-Atwooki on Wednesday at the Office of the President.

In her inaugural address, Hon. Nawe Molly Kamukama applauded the outgoing Minister for the achievements and progress made towards the development of the Economic Monitoring Ministry.

She also hailed President Yoweri Museveni for entrusting her to serve Uganda in this new capacity.

Kamukama pledged to build onto the blocks that the outgoing Minister had put in place and noted that whereas information silos do exist between government departments, she hopes to be able to facilitate bridging the gap by fostering backward and forward linkages and ensuring increased productivity for economic growth.

“It is not an easy task to monitor people but the job must be done so that we are able to check what needs to be checked in time and ultimately contribute to the growth of the economy,” she said.

“Government is a shared responsibility and we will work together with the 5 key sectors of the economy that include; services, ICT, agriculture, oil&gas and the industries to bring about sustained growth.”

She further promised to work with other ministries towards an inclusive economy that brings together players from Government, civil society, Development partners, Private sector and other non-government actors.

Molly Kamukama pledged among others an inclusive economy

The Economic Monitoring Unit is tasked with the mandate to check the economic indicators and advise the President and cabinet on the developments in the economy. It operates within the overall National Plans of the Economy that include the National Development Plan.

On his part, the outgoing Minister Kasirivu reminded members what the role of the ministry is, and noted that whereas the ministry budget under his reign had increased from Ugs 1.6 Billion to Ugs 3.6 Billion, the ministry needed at least Ugs 10 Billion and increased staffing to operate optimally.

“What we do here is delegated authority from His Excellency the President but as you know, people may not always appreciate those who police them. You can count on me for support on the same whenever the need arises.” Dr. Kasirivu Atwooki said.

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