Minister Kaducu Cautions Public against Flouting Covid-19 SOPs Ahead of the Festive Season

The Minister of State in charge of Primary Health Care, Hon Joyce Moriku Kaducu has warned Ugandans to be more careful as regards personal safety against Covid-19 ahead of the December festive season.

Addressing the nation on matters concerning covid-19 amidst the political season on Sunday, Hon Kaducu said that the country was initially doing well in preventing covid-19 infections but with community transmissions, the referral health facilities are getting overwhelmed.

“Earlier on at the beginning of the pandemic, we did very well because we were detecting the cases quite early and most of them were asymptomatic; majority were mild to moderate cases. These were all kept in hospital and we could manage them,” she said.

She said that although the country did well in the first 4 months of the pandemic, the current situation is alarming as community transmissions of the coronavirus take root and thus it requires more strategies and effort to contain and manage the cases.

“We still have hope that we will do better. And now because we are in stage 4 of extensive community transmission, that means that we need to change the game; we need to change the strategy. We need a shift of policy, and shift from people acquiring treatment in hospital to home care,” she explained.

As Christmas is approaching, Hon Kaducu warned, Ugandans need to be more careful as this year’ festive season will be a different one considering the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic.

“Cases of covid-19 are going to double up after January. But the power is in the hands of our people. They can decide to say enough is enough; we don’t want this virus to spread,” she said.

Kaducu said that despite the constraints of the health workers, they are still saving people’s lives.


“All the Regional Referral hospitals are looking after the covid-19 cases and they are full to capacity. We are doing gradual transition. We want to ensure that mild, asymptomatic cases are looked after at home.”

According to Kaducu, covid-19 symptoms and presentations are similar to malaria, and other illnesses.

“The likes of flu, fever are all presentations for other illnesses. So far, there is no treatment and cure of covid-19. The ultimate solution is to get a vaccine, which we are all looking forward to and there is a green light that we are going to get it,” she said.

To date, there are 20,145 cumulative confirmed cases of COVID-19, 8,989 recoveries and 201 fatalities.



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