Minister Janet to Probe Quality of Pads Donated to School Girls by NGOs

Education Minister Janet Kataaha Museveni has promised that her ministry will look to into the activities of NGOs involved in providing free  sanitary pads to school going girls in different parts of the country, viagra 40mg including the very quality of these pads.

The Minister acknowledged Wednesday afternoon while appearing before Parliament’s Education Committee, more about that NGO’s involved in providing sanitary pads are not properly regulated.

Her comments followed concerns raised to by members of the committee chaired by Mbale Woman legislator, Connie Nakayenze Galiwango about the said NGOs.

The MPs asked Minister Janet through her ministry to provide regulations for such NGOs so as to ensure that the quality of these sanitary pads is right.

In her response, the Minister requested for more time to provide the committee with a full response on the matter, adding however, that NGO activities in schools are not closely monitored by the Ministry.

“The NGOs supplying sanitary pads deal with schools directly without passing through the Ministry; we would indeed want to know if (such pads) are appropriate for the health of our students,” Kataha said.

The minister revealed that currently only a few NGOs are involved in sanitary pad donations, but added that once the number grows, the Ministry would have to come in with proper guidelines.

The Minister led a team of Ministry of Education officials to discuss its Ministerial Policy statement for the Financial year 2017/2018 before the committee.

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