Minister For Kampala, NWSC Move To Improve Water Access, Sanitation In Katanga

The Minister for Kampala Betty Olive Kamya, together with officials from National Water and Sewage Corporation (NWSC) led by Deputy MD Eng Technical Services Eng Johnson Amayo on Wednesday visited Katanga Zone area and met with its leaders to discuss service delivery in the area.

Among the issues discussed are: Installation of public water points to improve access to safe clean water in the area, sanitation, hygiene, health and safe water use.

Minister for Kampala Betty olive Namisango Kamya talking to Katanga residents

The Minister for Kampala Betty Olive Kamya appreciated the positive and quick response from NWSC regarding the water and sanitation situation in Katanga.

“NWSC officials have set aside teams to patrol the sewer networks in Katanga on a daily basis. NWSC will also install a number of water points to improve access to safe clean water in the area. We appreciate them for the quick remedies,” she said.

She urged the residents to desist from poor sanitation practices.

“Let’s avoid poor disposal of waste and rubbish into sewer mains and storm water mains,” she advised.

NWSC Director Business and Scientific services Dr. Rose kaggwa, Deputy Managing Director Eng Johnson Amayo, Kampala GM Eng Andrew Sekayizzi and the Senior Manager Sewerage services in Katanga

She added that KCCA will work to ensure that all storm water drains in Katanga and the surrounding areas are cleaned regularly.

NWSC Deputy Managing Director Johnson Amayo attributed the sanitation challenges in the area to the ongoing rampant vandalism of sewer infrastructure, disposal of rubbish into sewer mains and poor solid waste disposal methods.


“The NWSC sewers are designed to manage sewage only. The residents pour rubbish and waste into the sewers through the open manholes whose covers are often stolen,” he said.

Amayo added that the corporation through its Water Community Communication clubs (WACOCO) will sensitize the residents of Kantaga on good sanitation and hygiene practices.

Kampala Water General Manager Andrew Sekayizzi said NWSC has instituted a team to patrol the sewer lines in Katanga and other areas in Kampala on a daily basis.

Ssekayizi assured the residents that installation of public water points to improve access to safe clean water in the area is ongoing.

NWSC Director Business and Scientific services Rose Kaggwa said NWSC Water quality department monitors water quality in all its areas of operation.

“We treat the water at the source, monitor the water quality along the transmission mains and test the water both at the reservoirs and at various sampling points before the customers tap,” she said.

She added that NWSC Water quality teams, on a daily basis monitor water quality in all areas of operation.

“We have a team that monitors water quality in Katanga and other parts of the city on a daily basis,” said.

The officials will meet again after a month to evaluate the interventions done with an aim of improving the lives of the people in Katanga.



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