Minister Fears Being Raped for Supporting Age Limit Bill

A Member of Parliament in the August house has threatened to rape State Minister for land Persis Namuganza, over her support for lifting the Age Limit bill.

While speaking to journalists at parliament on Thursday, Minister Namuganza said that;

“I live in fear every day. One of the MPs wants to harm me.   I overheard him saying ‘Me I want Namuganza.”

She added that “I got so scared when I heard him say those words and started wondering; have these people started going around raping people they want because of supporting the age limit bill?”

Although Minister Namuganza declined to name the MP threatening her with rape, she has since informed police about the threats and requested them to beef up her security

Several members parliament who support the lifting of the age limit bill claim that they are continuously receiving several threats against their lives.

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