Minister Directs Health Workers Off Social Media

The State Minister of Health in Charge of General Duties Sarah Opendi has directed Health Workers to stay off social media when on duty.

Hon Opendi expressed concern yesterday that health workers including doctors spend more time on social media platforms like WhatsApp, than supervising medical facilities under their care.

“The reason why there is poor supervision is because health workers spend most of their time WhatApping yet they are on duty. In fact, they don’t care to go and check what is in the stores because they are busy with their devices” she said.

The minister was speaking Thursday at the launch of a report by local Initiative for Social and Economic Rights (ISER), titled “Archiving Equity in Health: Are PPPs The Solution?

The report among others found that public healthcare sector in Uganda is vastly under-financed for meeting its promise of free quality public healthcare.

“Government expenditure on health care has hovered between 7-9% of the total budget below the 15% Abuja declaration target African Union countries committed to,” reads part of the report.

“In 2018/19, it was 7.4% of the national budget, 6.4% in 2017/18. 5 Moreover, out-of-pocket spending has risen to 40% and is far above the recommended maximum of 20% for catastrophic expenditure, meaning that financial risk protection is poor.”




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