Minister Byabagambi Launches War on Fake Pastors

The Minister in charge of Karamoja Affairs Eng. John Byabagambi is calling for stern government action against the dangerously mushrooming churches around the country, cialis 40mg which he said are filled with con men.

The minister yesterday called upon his colleagues at the Ministry of gender, Labor and Social Development to take action against majorly Pentecostal church pastors that are taking advantage of suffering people.

The minister made the call on Wednesday while speaking to the clergy during the laying of the foundation stone at Bishop Stuart Nursing School in Ruharo, Mbarara.

In his remarks, the minister said the old traditional religious were far better than the sprouting unregulated churches.

 “When religion came, some of us were not born, but it came with a purpose of helping improve people and their lifestyles. So they set up hospitals, schools and many other institutions, be it Muslims, Catholics or Protestants. But with these new churches, the reason they are here is to exploit and steal from the people,” observed the former works minister.

“They take advantage of the disparate, the hopeless and the miserable. They say that you must pay a 10th of your wealth before they can pray for you to receive the blessings. When people are disparate, they will do whatever you ask of them.”

The minister noted how some churches have been selling jerry cans of water whereas others “are selling to their followers rice grown in Kiryandongo, but somehow you see people lining up; I don’t know what is in people’ heads to start believing in such.”

“When I was a young man after University, I was staying in Kamokya and there was a stream where (Pastor Samuel) Kakande’s church is standing today. I remember he filled the water with soil and set up the church. Later water started emerging from the ground and he told people this was holy water.”

The minister warned that if government doesn’t stand up against such pastors and the unregulated religion sector, it could have serious socioeconomic implications on the country.


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