Minister Butime Challenges Chairpersons, Mayors On Environmental Protection

Minister of Local Government Tom Butime has called on district chairpersons and municipal council mayors to protect the environment.

In a meeting with district chairpersons and municipal council mayors that took place at Hotel Africana, Butime said he himself was tasked by cabinet to give an explanation of forests destruction on L. Victoria islands.

“Last week in cabinet I was tasked to explain why forests on islands on Lake Victoria have been destroyed by people who grow rice that is exported. There are 11 islands on Lake Victoria and every island is under a local government. Why do you come here posing as a chairman when in your district there is destruction of forests?” he asked

He told district chairpersons that they have responsibility to protect forest reserves, game reserves, lakes, national Parks and any land reserved for ecological tourist purposes.

“Because you are a political head of that territory, the CAO must take your instructions. We have to make sure our flora and fauna is not depleted,”

Butime further challenged mayors and chairpersons to engage in wealth creation by supporting local investment, renovations for improved industrial development, market infrastructure and road infrastructure development.

“Leadership is not a chair, body guard or a vehicle but it’s a responsibility. You should mobilize and inspire people for a progressive cause so that our country can move forward”



He added that the Ministry has secured funds to procure motorcycles for chairpersons LC 3 and vehicles for chairpersons LC 5 for newly 16 created districts.

He also highlighted the projects that will be implemented.

“Parliament approved $50.4 million for economic growth support project that will be implemented in 17 districts across the country with the aim to support agriculture productivity, water supply, irrigation and microfinance”

Other projects that will be implemented include Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU) which will cover 16 districts.

The focus of DINU according to Butime is to improve local government performance in planning, budgeting, SDG implementation, financial reforms and enhancing service delivery through a local government excellence Fund.

Furthermore, the Minister said that the Ministry lately embarked on a strategy to urbanize rural areas and added that this will attract development and also improve local revenue generation.

“If we create an environment upcountry that provides jobs, the youth will remain there working and not come to crowded Kampala,” he added

The meeting was attended by all district chairpersons and municipal council mayors from across uganda.

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