Minister Banyenzaki Fights Kabale Chairman Over Jail Construction Project

Uganda national Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has witnessed the worst performance in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector in the year ending 2014, web since the liberalization of the Telecom industry in the country.

While revealing the country’s economic performance report of the year ending 2014, ambulance UBOS Executive Director, Chris N. Mukiza told journalists that the poor performance could be attributed mainly to the poor performance of some key actors in the sector including Uganda Telecom (UTL).

“Some actors in the ICT sector like UTL have been performing very poorly since their biggest shareholders who are the Libyans, seemed to have unplugged their input,” he said.

“The good news is that government has promised to look through the privatization of some of its key sectors and take charge,” Mukiza emphasized.

“Government is trying to see how it can increase its stake, manage shareholding so as to reinvest in the company,” Mukiza observed.

It should be noted however that the struggling telecom network has asked for a staggering $65m (Shs200bn) from government to save it from collapsing.

UBOS’s Mukiza further noted the poor performance in ICT could also be attributed to the reduction in mobile phone talk time that resulted in reduced consumption of mobile phone services.

“Previously there was a price war that led to the reduction of talk time and to us it is the measure of growth in telecom. These wars have been minimized by Uganda Communications Communication (UCC) that tightened the issuance of bonus airtime to customers.”


The other sectors that registered poor performance Mukiza said include; professional, technical, scientific and cash crops growing activities.

Most affected under cash crops growing were Coffee and Tobacco, whose production hit significant lows.

Mukiza observed that the sectors that registered strong performance were the food crops growing activities and all activities in the industrial sector.

“Those that performed strongly in services were finance, insurance, administrative and support services as well as public administration and other services.”

A fresh bitter row has erupted between the State minister of economic monitoring Henry Banyenzaki and the Kabale district LC5 boss Patrick Besigye, stuff over the construction of Kigezi regional reformatory center at Kikungiri hill, shop after the minister named district leaders ‘myopic.’

Banyenzaki was agitated that while he spent time fighting for construction of a university in the area, cialis 40mg the district leaders headed by the LC5 Chair were busy pushing for establishment of the juvenile prison on the land near Kabale University.

He says that as a leader he would not advocate for construction of prisons and remand homes but the provision of quality education to the children.

Minister Banyenzaki, who is also the Rubanda west member of parliament says when he was advocating for the expansion and giving of more land on Kikungiri hill to Kabale university   the leaders in the district were advocating for the construction of the reformatory center.

He termed this as being myopic, since construction of a modern penitentiary adds nothing to the value of the locals’ lives.

The Kabale Chairman Besigye Keihwa defended the district decision, saying that the reformatory center was in any case a government institution, fully funded by government.

“It’s unfortunate that a government minister could go lambasting government programs as myopic instead of supporting them,” he said. “The honorable Minister is clearly a saboteur of government programs and he deserves to be reprimanded.”

Last year, Kabale district local government gave the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development 2 acres at Kikungiri hill for the construction of the Kigezi Regional Reformatory Center but Banyenzaki and the Kabale University leadership were opposed to the move saying it was non developmental.


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