Minister Anite Assures Investors on Security, Infrastructure

The Minister of Investment Hon. Evelyene Anite has promised to work on the issues affecting investors in the Namanve Industrial Park including enhancing security.

The Minister met a group of investors on Thursday to establish the conditions under which they are working.

Speaking to journalists shortly after, prescription she said “The meeting has given us more insight into what’s happening in the park and issues affecting investors. Critical among them is the insecurity within the park.”

“We have heard testimonies of attacks on individuals some of whom have been robbed their money at night. I’m going to get in touch with the Inspector General of Police so we can intensify the security within the park, case ” she added.

Among the other issues raised by investors (both local and foreign) during the discussion was the inefficient electricity supply which frustrates their operations.

Some complained about municipal authorities who pester them for ground rent suggesting that UIA works out a harmonized method of collecting the rent tax.

Lawrence Byensi the Director Facilitation and After Care at Uganda Investment Authority told journalists that UIA will sort out the issue jointly with Kiira and Mukono municipalities.

“The issue isn’t that the investors are being demanded rent tax but rather the way in which local authorities are demanding it. We are going to work out a transparent system of administering this tax.”


Byensi said that UIA might as well consider incorporating these tax collecting desks in the One Stop Center.

Meanwhile, viagra government has secured a Ugshs 500 billion loan from China which will fund the development of infrastructure in 3 industrial parks including Namanve, said Hon. Anite.

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