Minister Amongi: Why I’m Close to Museveni

The Lands Minister, who is also Oyam District Woman MP, Betty Amongi has for the first time broken silence on why she is very close to President Yoweri Museveni.

She also spoke about her appointment as a full cabinet Minister in Museveni’s government.

Amongi is married to Jimmy Akena, son to former Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) party President, Milton Obote.

While speaking in Amuria district on Saturday afternoon, Amongi who is still excited by the Presidential appointment, said her closeness to President Museveni propelled her political career to greater heights.

According to Amongi, she is not only close to President Museveni for her appointment as land’s minister but also for other strategic factors.

Among the reasons she counted were that Lango sub-region not like other regions is still backward in terms of development and she thought it wise to work with President Museveni to see Lango also progress.

“So I thought for Lango to develop, I needed to be close to the President”, said Amongi amidst cheers from NRM cadres.

Amongi said working closely with President Museveni doesn’t mean she wants to join the NRM party but achieve development for Lango.


“For how long do we want to continue fighting the Government in power? What you need to know is the more you fight the government in power the more your region continues to grapple with poverty. That is why I thought it wise working with Mzee for development,” said Amongi.

She said President Museveni has never spent a day without mentioning peace, which she said is most needed in Lango, Karamoja, Acholi and Teso Sub regions that have been most characterized by wars.

Amongi also commended the Former Lira District RDC and now Disaster Preparedness Minister Musa Ecweru who always encouraged her to engage President Museveni.

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