Minister Amongi Issues Strict Guidelines for Voting Of Kcca Speaker

The Minister for Kampala Betty Amongi has today issued guidelines that will be followed at the voting of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Speaker, deputy Speaker and Division Speakers and their deputies.

The voting is slated to take place on 5th March 2020.

On 28th November 2019, President Museveni assented to Kampala Capital City Act 2019 and the Act under sections 8 (A) and 29 (A) establishes the offices of the Speakers and deputy Speakers of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and Divisions respectively.

Under the new law, the Speakers are to preside over the meetings of the Council and not Lord Mayor as it has been.

While announcing the guidelines to the press, Amongi announced those that will access the venue.


Those who will access the venue for election are only the Lord Mayor, deputy Lord Mayor, Division Mayors, Division deputy Mayors, Councillors, KCCA Executive Director, town klerks to Council, Resident City Commissioners (RCC), and deputy RCCs, of the respective Divisions and the Chief Magistrate. The following will access the venue where voting will take place.

“Those are the only people who will access the venue. No other person will access the venue,” said Amongi.


Participants will assemble at the voting area from 8am to 9am ahead of the voting exercise. Thereafter, the presiding officer shall issue nomination forms for aspiring candidates.

When the aspiring candidates have been issued nomination forms, the aspiring councilors shall have the supporters fill them or nominate them in support of their candidature and shall return the forms to the presiding officer who shall verify that those who have nominated the person and seconded the person are eligible voters.

Thereafter, the presiding officer shall commence with the election which shall be by a secret ballot.

Voters will not be allowed to use their mobile phones or any other recording devices during the exercise.

After the voting, the Chief Magistrate will declare the winner and after declaration of the winners, the Chief Magistrate will proceed to administer the oath to the elected office bearers.

The Lord Mayor or the Urban Division Mayor where applicable will then handover instruments of power of office of the Speaker to the new Speaker who will have won the vote. This is because its been the Lord Mayor and Division Mayors who have been presiding over Council meetings.

The Speakers and deputy Speakers will then deliver their speeches.

Meanwhile, after announcing the guidelines to the press at Uganda Media Center, the pressmen realized that they too have been barred from witnessing the voting which ensued a huge debate between the Minister and members of the media.

“Where the election will be as a venue, once election begins, every other person who are not part of those I have read (above) shall not be allowed during the process,” the Minister said.

She added that the press will only be allowed to interact with the participants in the election strictly from 8am to 9am before the voting exercise begins.

“You (press) can be in the venue, interact but once the process begins, you will excuse the officials and then after the process has concluded, again you will be called back and you will be part of the process of handover by the Chief Magistrate, participate in speeches of the Speaker and the deputy Speaker. You will only be allowed between 8am and 9am and once the process concludes you will be allowed to come back to the venue.”

“We don’t want your cameras where someone is casting a vote,” said Amongi.

This made the pressmen curious about why they are locked out yet there is freedom of press and in all democratic elections, the media is free to report.

After a huge debate, the Minister relaxed and withdrew the order.

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