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Minister Acweru Calls for More Refugee Support to Limit Slave Trade

The state minister for Disaster and Preparedness in the Office of the Prime Minister, Musa Ecweru, has said there is an immediate need for other countries in the world to emulate Uganda’s policy and programs on refugees to limit the number of Africans who fall victim to inhuman acts like slave trade that was recently reported in Libya.

Ecweru noted that if all countries are welcoming and supportive to refugees like Uganda has been doing, refugees would not find the need to flee to European countries through dubious means that end up landing them in death and dehumanizing activities like sex trade and slave trade.

“I was very shocked by reports of slave trade reports in Libya and I want to come out strong to condemn the act. But as you know, the reason to why some Africans find themselves in such situations is because they are freeing political insecurities in their countries and have no other option but to try and enter other countries illegally which lands them in problems,” Ecweru said.

He added: “I call upon other African countries to take a leaf from Uganda on management and treatment of refugees so that our brothers and sisters find another home in times of need.”

Minister Ecweru was speaking during the United Nations volunteers’’ day celebrations that took place yesterday at Nakivubo primary school in Kampala, which hosts a number of refugee children.

Every 5th of December, Uganda joins the rest of the world to celebrate the efforts and commitment of volunteers around the world who put aside their personal comforts and go out of their way to help victims in times of calamities.

Ecweru commented that without the help of volunteers, the world would be an ugly scarily place to live in hence the need to appreciate their efforts.

UN country coordinator, Rose Malanga hands in goods to Nakivubo PS head teacher as minister Ecweru cheers on

He however asked the government and other stakeholders to prioritize education for refugees because it is only through education that these refugee children can live a better normal life in future.


“I want to thank Nakivubo primary school for the efforts in protecting and educating refugee children without discriminating against them. However some refugees here in Uganda and around the world do not have the privilege of education and yet it is very important if they are to live a sustainable life in future. I ask government and UN to support education for all refugees,” Ecweru said.

The head teacher Nakivubo primary school said there is need for government to put in place programs that would help refugee children to continue their studies after primary level or at least get skilled in tertiary education so that they are able to support themselves.

Speaking on the same day, the UNDP Country Coordinator Rosa Malanga asked governments around the world to fight for peace and justice and also build strong institutions that will make sure the world stays at peace.

She further pledged a renewed commitment to the local volunteer groups like Red Cross because they have the ability to solve the local problems even much better that the international organizations.

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