Military Police Deployed Against Mbabazi Supporters

South Sudan’s government and rebels signed a peace agreement on Monday, sildenafil hours before the end of a deadline threatening international sanctions.

President Salva Kiir however declined appending his signature on the agreement with some reservations and asked for another 15 days before he does.

Only the Secretary General of the SPLM, unhealthy Pagan Amum on behalf of the former detainees, and the former vice-president Riek Machar on behalf of the SPLM in Opposition signed.

President Kiir shook hands with Dr Machar but didnt sign the peace deal
President Kiir shook hands with Dr Machar but didnt sign the peace deal

President Salva Kiir watched the signing, after briefly shaking hands with Machar.

Mr Kiir and Dr Machar had met alongside regional presidents in Ethiopia, under intense diplomatic pressure to sign a deal in the final hours before Monday.

African Union chief Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma had warned that failure to strike a deal “will have far-reaching consequences for South Sudan, the region and the continent as a whole”.

It now remains uncertain what the impact of the agreement will remain as the main party now has not committed to the peace deal.

It is the second official peace agreement since the civil war started in December 2013. The parties also signed several times a recommitment to the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement but none of the parties kept the deal.


South Sudan’s government announced on Sunday its readiness to sign a new version of the IGAD mediators, though Kiir himself explained his reservation before leaving Juba.

The final agreement has not been published. In the latest version of the peace deal, Machar will not have a clear majority anymore in the three states of Unity, Upper Nile and Jonglei contrary to the first draft.

It is unclear how long the armies of the SPLM headed by president and the troops of Riek Machar will remain separated. Some diplomats mentioned 12 months from signing, but several divisions of the opposition have announced separation from Machar. So it will remain unclear how the agreement will be implemented.

Police this afternoon deployed heavily in the heart of the capital Kampala, mind to diffuse an allegedly plotted demonstration by supporters of presidential hopeful Hon Amama Mbabazi.

Scores of heavily armed Military Police personnel were observed on standby around the constitutional square in the city center.

The youthful supporters of the former Premier were reportedly plotting to pour onto the streets after the former picked his presidential nomination forms earlier in the morning at the Electoral commission offices.

Police spokesperson said these gatherings were illegal as the organizers had not obtained the permission from police. .

“The organizers at all levels who will continue with such illegal plans must note that their actions can easily lead to acts of public disorder, harm public and private interests, and breach other people’s rights. As a result they will definitely be subjected to the law,” revealed Enanga.

“In anticipation of this possibility, we have taken precautionary measures and heightened police visibility, just in case these groups and individuals act in violation of the provisions of the Public Order Management Act.”

Enanga reiterated that the police force was not against the demonstrators’ right to assemble, since the constitution grants them this freedom.

“We are mandated to apply the law holistically and thus an absolute necessity to remain law abiding to ensure tranquility and law and order.”

“As we conclude, we urge the public to once again not be deceived into participating in these acts of illegality but instead go about their daily businesses normally.”


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