Mentally Unstable Man Hacks Two People to Death in Buyende

Police of Buyende district have arrested a man suspected to be mentally unstable for hacking three people and killing two of them.

According to Police, the unidentified suspect walked to a butcher in Buyende town and forcefully asked for meat from the attendant before a scuffle broke out.

It is said that the man grabbed one of the sharp pangas and cut off the butcherman’s fingers.

As the fight raged on, Police said ttwo people came to rescue the butcherman, but the man attacked them too and cut them severely.

Police identified the victims as Katamba who was the butcherman, George Ngobi and Otim Bampalana.

Deputy police spokesperson ACP Polly Namaye told the press that the three were rushed to hospital but the rescuers succumbed to the severe cuts sustained from the fight.

“Our area police arrested the suspect and took him to Butabika Mental hospital for examination before charges would be preferred,” she said

Namaye said that the suspect will be charged if the medical examination indicates that he’s mentally upright and if he is proved unstable, he will be put under medication.


She also cautioned the public never to ignore such people in society but to help them by taking them to hospital.

“This is a caution to members of the public because we usually see people who are suspected to be mentally disturbed in our communities but we ignore them; Some of them are our relatives and family members. Therefore, if you identify such persons ensure that this person get treatment and help as this is not the first time this is happening,” she said

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