Mental Health Uganda Appeals to Government on Better Treatment

Increasing cases of mental illness in the country have been attributed by Mental Health Uganda to the growing misuse of alcohol and drugs.

The organization as such has come out with a sensitization program on how to handle metal illness cases and also to guide the people off substance misuse.

The executive director Mental Health Uganda Derick Kiiza said yesterday that very many victims are suffering and don’t even know where to go for help, medical while some fear to go to the hospital because of the seclusion rooms which are not conducive for them.

Seclusion rooms are the special places in hospitals prepared for patients that are hard to control, majorly mentally ill patients.

Over 9000 patients are admitted at Butabika hospital with cases of mental illnesses. Most Ugandans according to research believe metal illness is as a result of a curse and often resort to traditional healers and churches for remedy.

Speaking at Grand Imperial Hotel on Wednesday, Kiiza clarified that not all mental illnesses need medicine and that some can be treated with rehabilitation, especially drug abusers. He noted that it’s important for the families of the patients to also take part in treating their people and knowing the causes.

Mental illnesses treatment, Kizza said, is very expensive and the medicine that may be more affordable tends to have too many side effects.

“I urge the government of Uganda to help invest in third generation drugs; although they are expensive, they are more effective and have less side effects,” he said.


Mental Health Uganda spend a better part of last year moving from district to district collecting data on the issues of the people who are mentally ill and how they are cared for in communities.

They found that most of them are tied in chains while others are thrown out as out casts and not taken cared for.

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