Meeting President Museveni is One Of My Biggest Achievements – Kenzo

Singer Edrisah Musuuza popularly known as Eddy Kenzo has Thursday expressed excitement over meeting with President Yoweri Museveni.

The singer met with the president at State House on Monday where he was heaped with praises having grown as an orphan to a now a celebrated artist in the whole of Africa.

Museveni in a Facebook post said Kenzo was a true testimony that hard work pays and talent has no boundaries.

“I therefore wish him and his team good luck,” Museveni said.

While addressing Journalists at Mestil Hotel, Eddy Kenzo said it was an honour for him to meet Museveni as many of his colleagues long for such a moment in vain.

“Meeting with president Museveni is one of my biggest achievements ever. Everyone wants to meet the President because he is the Fountain of Honora for Christ sake. My appointment with him is one of the biggest things to have happened to me.”

The singer went on saying that due to the meeting, he and some of the artists are going to benefit from Museveni’s support.

“He promised to pay me for having campaigned for him way back in 2011.He will also contribute towards my music Videos,” he said.


Kenzo added that Museveni told him that any other singer is free to get support from him; a thing he says will help upcoming and struggling artists to achieve their goals.

When asked why he met Museveni when he is clearly known as a People Power supporter, the singer said he is not a politician and does not support any political ideology but all he wants to see prevail is unity.

“My meeting with the president wasn’t based on politics but I simply wanted my efforts to be recognized. We invest so much money and time in producing music and making these music videos and we deserve some appreciation from the government.”

“I am not a politician of any kind, so for those of you who say I am a people power supporter, I am not into politics. It’s just because Bobi wine is my brother and one who helped me so much when I was struggling musically.”

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