Meet Rita Namayanja: A Visually Impaired Inspirational Artist


Like the saying goes, disability is not inability, so is true as showcased by a one visually impaired artist during the 2019 Magezi Art Exhibition held at Protea hotel in Kampala over the Weekend.

Rita Namayanja Kivumbi-Wise, as she loves to be called, a Makerere University alumnus who believed in herself after getting blind overnight, was among the participants at the art exhibition.

Rita narrated to Chimpreports how she had almost given up on life not until she picked up courage and put herself together to do what seems impossible to many.

“When I lost my sight, I thought all was gone. I thought I had lost it all but thanks to the voice in me that kept saying you can make it.”

Before losing her sight, Namayanja was actively into art and was organizing art exhibitions and “I thought that was the end of me,” she said.

She said that it took her six years to pick herself up to start allover again with what she was doing.

Some of Rita Wise’s art pieces

Kivumbi started Magezi Art Exhibition Centre where she exhibits her art to earn a living, trains and nurtures lots of individuals in different kinds of art.


Rita said that she no longer regrets being blind, “maybe that’s how God wanted to bless me because for sure, I have met so many people in this business including government officials and others, both local and international friends.

I even met with the president and won a medal on Women’s day in 2016, which to me is more than an achievement I believe I wouldn’t be able to make when if i still had my sight.”

Rita on Why she chose Art

Rita Namayanja told Chimpreports that she loves art because it is one of the things a person does with his or her passion. One that comes from the heart and is inspired by incidences surrounding one’s life.

“I was inspired by the attitude in art,” she said.

Art is really a passion for Rita, how epic is this piece!

This year’s art exhibition theme being ‘Heart of a Warrior’, Namayanja said the theme was born of the fact that warriors never give up but strive to achieve what they want no matter the storms they face

“Heart of a warrior is what I considered the best theme because as a warrior, you won’t rest until you get what you want done. Even when the storm hits you really hard, you have to be firm and stand strong.

As a warrior, you will encounter so many forces but you have to be strong and stay focused to achieve your goal. However much pressed you are, you must not get destroyed.”

On picking courage and becoming a strong woman she is right now, Namayanja said, “I rejected negative thoughts, negative company and that’s how I have come this far.”

She is a great inspiration to many art and fashion lovers as she narrated that she wants to empower everyone especially those living with disability to stop having a depressed and cheap mind of believing they can’t do anything.

“I want to empower and encourage everyone out there, that disability is not the end of you. You have purpose in life; you’ve got to fulfill your calling in this World.

Do not sit and relax in your comfort zone thinking you can’t do something to earn a living. Who knew that I would be able to impact many lives? All you have got to do is identify what you love doing most and stick to it,” explained Namayanja.

Namayanja called upon all people with disability to not give in to the storm, for life is much bigger than that.

“When attacked by a storm, you don’t have to relax, you have to strive hard and do what you are better at,” she said.


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