Meet Moses Devoss, A Multifaceted Movie Maker

Moses Devoss born Moses Devoss Lubanga in Lugazi, a town in Central Uganda, is an actor, a film director, photographer and writer. Some of his most pronounced film projects include “The Rise Of Kibwetere”, which was released earlier this year and has since got people revisiting the horrible memories of the congregation set ablaze by a one pastor Kibwetere in 2000 in Kanungu, a district in South Western Uganda. Dreaming Camera is also his master piece.

Moses started the filmography career after college when he joined GTI Ltd, a videography company in Uganda.  While at GTI Ltd, he worked for several video companies including Oscar Ntege photography, Bridge Films where he part-timed and shortly worked as videographer at NBS television. He ventured into the music industry, done gospel music putting out songs like “Akwagala”, “son of love” and many others.

He has also written and directed “Uncle Kibwe”, a comedy mini- web series which features himself, Lwembawo Rogers, Shafiq Devoss, Fancy Kiruhi, a Kenyan journalist, Pepe de Bible a musician from Gulu  and Martha Zion a Kenyan videographer.


The Uncle Kibwe Comedy production is based on a day to day lifestyle and relates to ‘The Rise of Kibwetere’ movie concept but presented in a comic version.  Tired of the long queues at venue entrances, Moses’ web series have got you covered.

Asked about the challenges that come with this kind of work, this is what he had to say,”The most challenging bit is competition. One has to either produce local content for the local audience or have an extensively high budget to bring out the best art quality, which we fall short of sometimes.”
He further explained thus,” Personally, I didn’t have many setbacks while in Uganda because I had connections with fellow film makers which isn’t the case now that I’m in Kenya. I also have to direct people in Kiswahili which I’m not fluent in (as of now) so language barrier is a problem for me.”

One would think that such busy professionals’ lives revolve around work but Mr. Devoss was kind enough to share what he does when work is out of the way. “I do rap (gospel), I like to preach, travel and find new things, I draw and also spend most of my time with children especially those abandoned little ones, they make me complete even when I don’t have my own yet,” he said.

Moses Devoss is now based in Kisumu Kenya where he operates a photo and video studio.





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