Medics Call for More User-friendly Child Medicine

Officials from the Joint Medical Store have said there is need for manufacturing of more medicines that are user-friendly to children.

Speaking during a workshop at Hotel Africana on Thursday, Mr. Emmanuel Higenyi, the Director Technical Services at Joint Medical Store said that on many occasions, children are given medicines that are not favourable to them.

“Child medicines have been available for long but as part of efforts to reduce mortality rates, there is need to get new formulations that children can easily take,” Higenyi said.

“Tablets that can easily dissolve in water and taken by babies would be more applicable. “

He urged government to encourage local manufacturers to invest in these child friendly medicines other than importing them.

Dr. Tracy Muraya, the Programs Officer at Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network (EPN) said there is need for cheaper formulations for children medicines other than syrups that on many occasions tend to be expensive.

According to pharmacists, syrups are not usually affordable by all especially in rural areas.

“This makes many parents to resort to cheaper medication that in many cases treats only symptoms yet the infection continues, “Muraya noted.

She cited pneumonia which has claimed many children because most mothers only treat its symptoms like fever yet the infection continues to grow.

Meanwhile, Robina Kaitiritimba from the Uganda National Health Consumer’s Organisation, urged government to come out to check on unqualified personnel selling drugs.

She said many of the drug shops in the country are not registered putting the lives of Ugandans at risk.

“They have no knowledge about prescription of drugs which has led to drug resistance among people, “Kaitirimba said

“Government should come out to regulate the sector because of the ever increasing number of drug shops and fake medicine.

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