Medical Camp For Arthroscopy Kicks Off at IHK

The International Hospital Kampala has launched a two-month arthroscopy camp to treat patients with joint pains, joint swelling, inability to move the joints, cracking sounds in the joints, inability to use the joints following road traffic accidents, sports and other injuries.

Arthroscopy is a keyhole procedure in which a telescope is inserted into a joint to allow the surgeon to make a thorough inspection of the joints so that a definite diagnosis can be made.

Two to four small “puncture” incisions are then made for the camera and instruments to be inserted from different angles.

Officials at the hospital say the camp will be conducted in the months of September and October at the hospital theater. The services, they said will be at discounted rate while consultation will be free.

Dr. Peter Ntege the hospital Manager says, the camp will offer joint assessment by the Arthroscopic surgeon at IHK and the public with meniscal injuries, anterior cruciate ligament tears, rotator cuff tears among other joint conditions will be treated.

“We have an elite team of experienced and qualified orthopedic specialists to perform arthroscopic procedures and a support team of professional nurses to provide empathetic care to guide the patients through the recovery processes,” He said.

Arthroscopy usually improves the rapid recovery rate, lowers the risk of infection and complications, improves the visualization of the knee structure and lessens the pain and scarring after surgery.

According to Dr. Pariyo Bonane the lead Orthopedic Surgeon at IHK, unlike other open surgical procedures, arthroscopy has a 1% risk of complications during or after the procedures.


However, when not properly perform it can lead to excessive swelling or bleeding around the knee or shoulder, damage to blood vessels or nerve, hemarthrosis, deep vein thrombosis, pain, and stiffness of the joints, He added.

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