Media Houses to Inform Police before Hosting Night Show Guests, Politicians Warned against Public Gatherings

Uganda Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has cautioned politicians on holding public gatherings, as the 2021 elections campaign season draws closer.

Enanga emphasized that as per the Electoral Commission revised road-map, it’s not yet time for the campaigns.

“Politicians flaunting the guidelines should know that the Electoral Commission came up with a hybrid or scientific way of campaigning. The campaign period has not yet started as per EC plans,” he said.

While addressing the media, Enanga also asked media houses to harmonize their programmes with police before hosting different guests for the late night talk shows.

“If you have invited visitors at the station, you need to inform the police so that people are cleared during this period of curfew. Just harmonize the program with the police,” Enanga said.

Enanga also noted that many sectors pledged to follow the COVID-19 guidelines but have failed to comply.

“It has been observed by the Government that people are not taking their lives seriously. Initially, we were fighting the virus but now we have another fight of relaxed Ugandans. If you go to the markets, taxis, saloons and arcades, you will see that there is unwillingness of people to wear masks and observe social distancing,” he added.

He also warned people who are reckless with their movements during curfew adding that the police is tightening the enforcement mechanisms.


“To promote fear as far as the virus is concerned, police is tightening on enforcement measures in tackling rule breakers. The level of compliance is going to come out low if we don’t become hard,” Enanga said.

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