Media Editors Ignore Kadaga Summons

Summoned editors to the Parliamentary Committee of Rules and Privileges have Wednesday declined to appear before the committee to answer to queries rising from allegations of malicious reporting.

The committee was acting on orders of the Speaker, cialis 40mg Rebecca Kadaga on September 15 after a heated debate in the house over alleged ‘hateful’ stories that were carried by some media houses.

Media houses whose editors were expected to appear before the committee included the Red pepper, Daily Monitor, New Vision, The Observer and the Uganda Radio Network (URN).

After several phone calls were made to the editors, only the Editor in Chief of Vision Group, Barbra Kaija showed up.

In their written response, URN, Red Pepper and Daily Monitor denied receiving summons from Parliament. The Observer refused to appear before Parliament, contesting the Committee’s jurisdiction to summon its editors.

The disappointed Rules Committee Chairperson, Kenneth Obote said that their invitation of editors was misunderstood by the public and the respondents as aimed at gagging the media which is not the case.

Obote explained to his members in the meeting before pushing out journalists that the summons followed an order issued by Kadaga following concerns raised over some publications in respect to the 2016 UNNA Convention in the US.

“These publications didn’t present what transpired. This matter was referred to Rule Committee to look into it further. Contrary to reports, this meeting isn’t a trial nor a face off or an inquisition,” Obote said.


“We are conducting an inquiry and we requested editors to come so we interact to find a way forward.

The committee chairperson told journalists that members will soon decide on the next action on editors that failed to appear before the committee when the report on the investigations is finalized and handed over to Parliament.

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