Media Called to Demystify Albinism

Nicole Bjerler the United Nations Deputy Country Representative for Human Rights has implored the media to join efforts in protecting persons living with albinism.

Speaking at the launch of a situational analysis report on persons living with albinism in Kampala, — which coincided with the International Albinism Awareness Day -, Bjerler said a lot needs to be done to help affected persons access critical services.

Commenting on the media, she observed that their participation is key in debunking erroneous perceptions.

“Persons with albinism face significant challenges. These include difficulties in accessing education, healthcare, employment and other social services. We need media to really reach out to the larger community to raise awareness and demystify what albinism is”, Bjerler explains.

These words were re-emphasized by Mr. Daniel Johanson Arhem the Chancellor Swedish Embassy, who also called for the enactment of protection mechanisms.

He said Sweden had moved a step ahead by opening a data registry for those living with albinism.

With this in place, he says it is easy for them to assess their health needs and related support.

“The Swedish national health and well care does provide detailed information about albinism. This includes where persons with albinism can seek support. This is in line with the 2030 development agenda vision”, Arhem retorts.


Comparatively, he says Sweden has 500 people living with albinism out of ten million inhabitants.

Mr. Joel Cox Ojuko a member of the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) says superstition is the root cause of albino discrimination and stigmatization.

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