Meddie Ssentongo Clarifies on Cameroon Gitawo’s Sickness

On Sunday July 3, socialite Meddie Ssentongo broke the news that his friend Chris Mbibo real names Cameroon Gitawo was ailing and hospitalized.

Speaking to ChimpLyf today, Meddie said Gitawo “is still in the hospital” and “his condition is not that good.”

Unlike earlier reports that he is admitted at Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria, Ssentongo revealed that he [Gitawo] is at Hillcrest private hospital in Durban.

According to Ssentongo, Gitawo got a “heart attack” and developed “high blood pressure” as they travelled from Durban to Johannesburg.

He says they always to go to Durban for a “big event every year.”

Asked to reveal the details of the event, he said: “No problem but I’m heading for a meeting now may be when I’m done we can chat.”

Gitawo has been hospitalized since Monday evening.

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