Measles-Rubella, Polio Immunisation Kicks Off Tomorrow


The mass national Measles, Rubella and Polio campaign that is being organised by  Ministry of Health in partnership with  World Health Organisation will kick off tomorrow Wednesday in different parts of Uganda according to officials.
The official launch of the campaign will be done today in Mayuge district ahead of the actual Immunisation activity that kicks off tomorrow at 8pm in 16,000 different kindergarten, primary and secondary schools around the country.
 The campaign will run from Wednesday 16th to Saturday 20th October 2019 nationwide aimed at combating the increasing numbers of Measles-Rubella outbreaks in different parts of Uganda
The Measle-Rubella Immunization campaign is targeting over 18.1 million children from 9 months to 15 years while the polio Immunization targets about 8.2m children below 5 years
According to the Ministry of health, all preparations are done at national and district levels.
“On Tuesday, 15th October, there will be an official launch in Mayuge district and the actual immunisation exercise will start Wednesday in over 16,000 kindergarten, primary and secondary schools all over the country. The school Immunization exercise will go on up to Friday and on Saturday, all the other children that do not attend school will be immunised at over 20,000 designated posts in different parts of the country,” Dr Alfred Driwale, thehead of the campaign noted
According to him, the campaign is for every child within the stated age circles regardless of any other immunisation history
“Normally when we carry out immunisation campaign only 80% of the children get immunised, 15% of the immunised cases are not effective hence the need for continuous immunisation so that our children and society is safe,” he said
“We have already secured 20m doses for Measles and Rubella and 10m doses for Polio. These have already been sent to districts who are leading the campaign. At the day when Immunization will start, district officials will transport them to the different posts,” he added
According to the Immunization act 2017, Immunization is mandatory for all and anyone who refuses to take their children for Immunization can be sued in courts of law
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