MC Kats Responds to Fame Lounge’s Contract Termination

Celebrated urban event MC and television personality Edwin Katamba better known as MC Kats has refuted claims that he was fired from Fame lounge, a Kololo based hangout.

The hangout’s management had earlier on released a letter showing their dissatisfaction with Kats whom they say has been their external marketing personnel.

According to the letter from the hangout, the management has decided to relieve Kat’s off his duties as per the contract due to the fact that he has failed to deliver to their expectation.

“After much consideration, the gentleman has failed to deliver to the expectation of management, to be precise, relationship with management has been far lacking the short spell of time Mc Kats has been working with us,” states the letter.

Letter that Fame lounge shared on their social media pages

They accuse Kats of persistent taking of stock on credit and refusal to pay thereafter which has been going on for quite some time.

Part of the letter reads, “he has always belittled management with phrases like ‘I fear only God,’ worse still, management could not bear the fact that Mc Kats always insults and belittles patrons on the Microphone whenever he is on stage.”

It is for that matter that has made Kats to come out and respond to the allegations, saying he has been in the bar business close to 15 years and has never been fired for whatever matter.

“I have worked in the bar business for close to 15 years.


My CV has Guvnor, Rouge, Sway,Nexus on it. I have never been fired but when you treat me like I’m not making you money, I walk,” he said.

He added that, “I’m not from a broke family but I chose this road because it’s what I love.”

Kats also threatened that he registered the celebrity night he’s been terminated from hosting, with his lawyers and that no one will dare try host it.

“That night (Celebrity Nite) is registered with my lawyers and dare host it and see.”

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