MC Kats Hits Back Critics over Kneeling, Crying Before Fille

Yesterday we reported how celebrated master of ceremonies and TV personality MC Kats real name Edwin Katamba cried like a baby while begging fiancée Fille Mutoni to take him back while kneeling in public over the weekend.

Kats stormed the stage where the singer was performing; got on his knees and apologized to her for all the wrongs he has done.

Footage of the incident surfaced online and has since gone viral.

Many fans commended the NBS TV Afta5 presenter for owning up to his mistakes and apologizing to his baby mama, as a ‘real man’ should.

However, some fans were not impressed.

They particularly took issues with him kneeling down before Fille, saying it breeds disrespect and it’s why she wears the trousers in the relationship and beats him up.

MC Kats is back together with Fille Mutoni

Now MC Kats has hit back at his critics.

He has taken to Instagram to say he doesn’t need the approval of everyone.


“Never be afraid to say what you feel. You don’t need the approval of anyone”.MC Kats posted.

The couple was hit by breakup reports last month with multiple reports pointing out that MC Kats was cheating on Fille with another woman.

However, that all seems to be in the past as the pair mended their romance and are now back together after Fille forgave Kats.

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