Mbarara’s Delayed Physical Plan Irks Leaders

The Mbarara Mayor Mugabe Robert Kakyebezi has blamed the delayed city status on lack of a new physical plan.

Kakyebezi, generic while speaking Tuesday at a Municipality Development Strategy (MDS) meeting at Rwizi Arch Hotel, pharm accused the Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development for failure to provide a new physical plan for the municipality.

Physical Planning entails organizing space or land for development in order to ensure sustainable and orderly use; to create order, pill beauty and facilitate the provision of infrastructure, utilities and services.

“Physical planning is very important because you cannot put up a good looking town without planning; if you do this it means you will find a town in a mixture of everything,” Kakyebezi said.

In response, Stephen Bogere from the Ministry of Lands said the ministry is preparing a framework of the physical development plan including the 6 divisions of Mbarara municipality; which will be accomplished before the end of this year or early January next year.

“When this document is discussed and approved by council, it will be implemented and be a lobbying tool for attracting investors to come here,” Bogere said

He asked the Mbarara political and technical teams to work together for good governance, revenue enhancement and collection systems to provide services to people on ground.

“In terms of per capita income you can’t compare Mbarara with any other towns struggling to be a city; it has everything it takes to be a city” Steven reaffirmed.

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