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Mbarara Residents Protest as Crime Preventers Turn into High Way Robbers

Residents of Kashari in Mbarara yesterday stormed the office of the Deputy RDC Vicent Kamugisha with grievances about crime preventers alleged to be involved in theft and armed robbery in the district.

The angry locals  told the RDC that they were being targeted by crime preventers especially at night and robbed of their belongings.

One George Tumuhairwe narrated that crime preventers blocked him on the way on 21st October and stole his 10million Shillings as he was going to buy 15 cattle in Kashare Sub County.

Tumuhairwe says two vehicles blocked him on the way, viagra dosage and on getting out two crime preventers by the names of Nabboth Muhereza and Mark Mugisha put him on gunpoint and removed his money from the car boot before commanding him to drive to Kashare police post.

On reaching the police post he said the two claimed he was driving erratically on road but the OC station advised them to take him to Mbarara Police Station.

“As were driving on the way, all of the sudden the crime preventers decided to release me, saying that I had done no wrong,” he said.

He adds that after they left, he checked the car and found that all his money was missing.

Although he reported a case against the two; no arrest was done even after informing the DPC Mbarara, he adds.


Residents further complained about crime preventers stealing their animals at night.

“I am not sure whether it’s famine; trained crime preventers have finished our crops and animals on farms,” said another resident.

Mbarara Deputy RDC Vicent Kamugisha
Mbarara Deputy RDC Vicent Kamugisha

Frola Kyohirwe from Kyenshama says they have so far approached the offices of the RDC, DISO & DPC and that it is about time for the central government to intervene.

The residents asked the IGP Kale Kayihura to explain to Ugandans limitations of crime preventers as a starting step to addressing the growing challenge.

“We need to know if the IGP trained the crime preventers to come rob us,” she said.

In response, RDC Vicent Kamugisha urged crime preventers to stop putting on police uniforms and to always ensure that all their operations are under police supervision.

“Crime preventers ceased to wear uniform during the elections time; anyone putting on a police uniform who is not a police officer, is committing a crime,” Vicent noted

He reaffirmed that crime preventers implicated in these crimes will be investigated and prosecuted.

“If Gen Kayihura or the DPC can be expelled; what about a crime preventer” the RDC said.

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