Mbarara RDC Traps Reluctant Health Workers

Mbarara RDC on Tuesday visited a health center in Kashare Sub, which she found to have been abandoned by health workers.

The DRC, after picking information that patients were stranded at Nyabisirira Health Center II, quickly drove to the facility.

There, she found the facility had been closed for four days, with patients including a P6 pupil waiting for treatment outside.

The incensed RDC phoned the Mbarara Chief Administrative Officer Cuthbert Esoku to take up the matter.

In the meantime, the padlocks were broken and the facility was found fully stocked with drugs.

RDC Asiimwe went on to call the two nurses on duty; one of who said was in Mbarara town another in a distant Kamwenge district at the moment.

The facility was found fully stocked

These were identified as Rebecca Nimusima, the facility in-charge and one Flavia Katende.

Maj. Asiimwe, terming this behavior as troubling, noted that these are the health workers that tarnish the image of government in the eyes of the public.


“If you don’t want to work, why don’t you quit and go home and graze your cattle instead of making poor Ugandans suffer?” shw wondered.

On his part, the CAO Cuthbert Esoku said he would personally deal with the lazy health workers.


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