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Mbarara Police Denies Rape Allegations In Its Custody

Police in Mbarara has rejected allegations claiming that a 55 year old woman was raped in police cells in Rubindi trading centre.

Night Kamukama, a resident of Rubindi Trading Centre in Kashari, says she was raped by one Thomas Kateho Bahebwa, the LC 3 Chairperson of Rubindi Sub County in Kashari north constituency on 13 April, 2018.

Kamukama says on the fateful night, at around 10:30pm while she was tending to her shop, a group of people including police officers barged in, grabbed and started bearing her up.

Later Kamukama says she was arrested and told she was being accused of selling marijuana and cocaine in the area.

Her clothes she says were torn and that she was taken and raped in a police cell.

She also claims in the process, the attackers took up to Shs 680,000 from the shop.

Kamukama accuses police of ignoring her sexual assault case ever since then saying local police has refused to take up her case , to enable drag the offenders to court.

She also named some of the people she recognized among the assailants as Timothy Mbahebwa Kateho, former OC station Rubindi police post ASP Robert Nabeta and PC Kizza Alex.


However the Police Spokesperson Samson Kasasira refuted these allegations saying that Kamukama has never reported any case of rape to police.

“Police has had issues with Kamukama who has been alleging that she was raped by the LC 3 chairperson in the presence of police, but we refute this claims because we have not had any rape cases from her.”

Kasasira says if it is true that she was raped in police premises and examination was made as she says, then “She should come to police and get justice.”

OCCID Bosco Mutabazi added that the chairman LC 3 is a Chief of Security at the sub county and would not have been involved in a leading crime.

“How can one be raped by a chairman LC 3 in police custody? I can agree with a fellow suspect or police officer raping a suspect in custody but not an LC 3 chairperson,” said Mutabazi.

He added that two cases were earlier reported against Kamukama ranging from being in possession of cocaine and malicious damage.

“The only report we have from her is assault which we are pursuing together with the DPP’s office,” said Mutabazi.

However the spokesperson says that Kamukama did not follow the right procedures to enter her rape case in police records.

“She would have reported to police so that we can give her medical forms to fill to show that she was raped,” says Kasasira.

“If she insists claiming that police officers were present when she was being raped, we will take on these police officers through the professional standards unit,” says Kasasira.

However Kasasira says that if Kamukama is found guilty of pinning police officers in her rape case, fresh charges will be opened against her for defaming police.

“If we find that these allegations are wrong she is going to have issues; we shall open fresh charges on her for defaming our officers,” says Kasasira.

Kamukama told Chimpreports on phone that the alleged rapist (Kateho) threatened to kill her on Monday but was arrested and detained from Mbarara CPS on Monday later released on bond.

Police visited the scene of crime today morning and guaranteed her security until the matter is resolved.

Human rights defenders in western region are also looking forward to help her find justice.

“Actually the human rights officer (Theopista Twembi) approached me on Tuesday and asked  why I never reported the rape cases in her office, but she told me I should not worry about anything because they will support me,” says Kamukama.

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