Mbarara Police Arrest Serial Robbers

Police in Mbarara have in custody a group of six men who are believed to have been behind ceaseless nightly attacks and robberies on residents.

The arrested are Iddi Arapha, Edward Musinguzi, Simpson Tukundane, Swaibu Semakura, Justus Yerindabo and Anthony Ninshaba.

The group was arrested on Friday last week during a police cleanup operation around Mbarara municipality.

Police first arrested 5 of the suspects while their leader Iddi Arapha remained at large until he was apprehended by residents and severely beaten.

Some of the recovered items

Police intervened and rushed him to Hospital where he was treated with grave head injuries.

The suspects were found with several stolen items that included women handbags, National IDs, shoes, ATM cards, laptops, phones, woofers, DVDs, radios, mattresses, bed sheets, blankets, and many others.

The stolen items were displayed before the media to enable the owners come and recover them.

Samson Kasasira, the Police publicist in charge of Rwizi Region said the group moves with weapons such as machetes and iron bars targeting mostly women in the night.


Kasasira asked locals in the area to come with evidence to recover their stolen property which will help police to pin the suspects in court on charges of aggravated robbery.

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