Mbarara Municipality Town Clerk Grilled Over ‘Illegal Tenders’

Mbarara Municipality councilors have piled pressure on the town clerk to explain the protocol he followed while giving out tenders for council property.

During a council meeting held on Wednesday, cost the councilors said they are not convinced with guidelines, terms and conditions Munono Barintuma followed to tender the Mbarara tax park.

Robert Semusha, the youth councilor Kakiika Division said the illegal unadvertised tender has caused uproar among councilors in every seating to discuss on sector committees.

The town clerk allegedly awarded the awarded the tender at a reduced cost of Shs 12.5million instead of meeting the reserve price of Shs 16m.

Kakiika Division youth councilor, Robert Semusha
Kakiika Division youth councilor, Robert Semusha

Semusha together with other councilors said they will not fear anyone since they were voted to represent their divisions without fear or favor in the council.

“We are here on a 5 year term, others will go but some of us will stay and these are the challenges we shall be facing on behalf of such mistakes committed now,” charged Semusha.

The councilors were also perplexed on hearing that the taxi park tender was given for 5 years yet according to the constitution it must be renewed every after a financial year.

Councilors in attendance
Councilors in attendance

The speaker Bonny Tashobya ruled that the town clerk should present the technical planning committee, contracts committee and evaluation committee minutes and award letter for the given tax park tender for more investigations within a period of one day in the next council seating.


He appealed to the finance committee through the solicitor general to investigate the matter.

The councilors agreed to carry out re-advertisement to meet the target reserve funds if the bidders fail to meet the agreed amount.

Mbarara Municipal Council Speaker, Bonny Tashobya
Mbarara Municipal Council Speaker, Bonny Tashobya

The town clerk however asked the councilors to wait to reallocate the municipal council tenders since the tax tender is soon expiring in the December financial year.

Mbarara RDC, Capt. Martha Asiimwe advised the councilors to pay respect to each other and reconcile on issues pulling lines in the council.

“I have attended and seen; avoid living in the confined way of leadership that will halt Mbarara development” she said

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