Mbarara Mayor Kakyebezi Branded Dictator

Taxi drivers and park authorities in Mbarara town last week stormed the Municipal council amidst a heated debate on the controversial leasing of the taxi park.

On Friday it emerged during the council sitting, cialis 40mg http://coventryrugby.co.uk/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-media-list-table.php that the newly elected mayor Robert Kakyebezi had singlehandedly leased the park to Mbarara United Taxi Operators and Conductors Union (MUTOCU) without the councilors’ knowledge.

The aggrieved councilors furiously asked the mayor how much and for how long the park had been handed to the association.

Mayor Robert Kakyebezi frankly answered that he leased the park for 5 years to MUTOCU.

Councilor Doreen Natamba vents out her anguish
Councilor Doreen Natamba vents out her anguish

This infuriated the council members who stressed that the deal was against the Local Government Act which stipulates such a lease must be for only one Financial Year, order http://clipvoice.it/administrator/components/com_k2/elements/menuitem.php subject to renewal.

“One Norbert Semusu wondered how the mayor could take the powers upon himself without seeking a legal opinion.

Councilors were also perplexed to hear that the park was tendered at a reduced cost of Shs 12million, down from the usual 16million.

“The mayor takes himself to be the Alpha and Omega here. He wants to do everything by himself and that cannot be tolerated,” added another councilor Robert Bushweta Kakoma.


The councilors later on unanimously resolved to have the taxi park lease revoked.

MUTOCU members storm the municipal council offices
MUTOCU members storm the municipal council offices

When this information reached the MUTOCU leadership the following morning, they stormed the Municipal council hunting for the Town Clerk and the District Speaker who they accused of misleading the council on the matter.

Asked about the controversy, Mayor Kakyebezi said her would not sit back and watch business in the municipality stalling.

He promised however, to work toward consenting with councilors to bring them to his side in the future.


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