Mbarara Iron Bar Hit-men Netted

Many Kenyans on Friday took to social media and reacted on the Kenya Commercial Bank`s KCB move on Thursday, diagnosis where female journalists were forced to observe Islamic teachings at the Banks’ first ever Islamic Banking system.

KCB launched the Islamic banking product, pharm also known as Sahal Banking, buy the first of its kind not only Kenya but the whole of East Africa.

Bank officials said it is an innovation to tap into a rare opportunity to attract Muslims customers who are more comfortable with the system.

The launch that did not take place in the Muslim dominated coastal town of Mombasa but the secular, civilized capital city Nairobi; shocked some female Kenyan Journalists who after reaching the venue were immediately isolated from their male counterparts because of their dress code.

The female journalists were only supposed to watch the event from the screen as they file their stories and those intending to go take pictures inside the room of the event were asked to veil themselves with hijab.

The Daily Nation quoted their female photojournalist, Diana Ngila as saying she was told to move when she took to the podium to take pictures in her usual dress code. “They told me to use a scarf I had around my neck to cover my head. I got inside and found men only. When I went to the podium to get a photo of the guests, I was asked to move.”

Majority Kenyans who utilized Facebook, Twitter and Watsapp angrily expressed dissatisfaction with the KCB`s move, that asking female journalists to do what they didn’t want, was a direct infringement on their rights.

Many said they were going to close their accounts in the bank, while others emotionally referred to the fresh wound of the recent Garissa attack where Muslims were reportedly freed by attackers while non-Muslims mercilessly shot dead.


ChimpReports contacted and engaged a female Nairobi based lawyer, Monica Binti Ngere who extensively said the organizer of the event violated the constitutional rights and conscience of female journalists.

Monica Binti Ngere
Monica Binti Ngere

“It directly infringes on the constitutional right to freedom of religion and conscience which this country stands for. We are a secular state, so no one should be forced to put on any religious attire against their wish. It was in bad state for KCB to be part of such a sad event where as Kenyans we infringe on the very rights our constitution propagates, marketing gimmick or not, our rights are not for sale to attract any part of population inclined towards any religion.” Ms. Ngere said.

KCB released a statement on Friday saying their action was simply to observe tolerance. “The observation of Muslim customs during the launch of the Sahal Islamic Banking product launch was not intended as an offensive gesture but as a token of tolerance in the true Kenyan spirit of embracing all cultures.” Part of the KCB statement says.

Ms. Binti Ngere however did not buy the KCB`s response saying it was an insult to the intelligence of Kenyan people.

“KCB’s statement on the issue is an insult to our intelligence because their argument that they were trying to observe tolerance during the launch went against the very tolerance they speak of.”

“KCB owes the female journalists an apology for open discrimination on gender and religious basis. In fact as an enterprise that operates in Kenya it owes all Kenyans an apology”.

“I have no problem with sharia compliant products because it is actually founded on good principles, for instance it doesn’t allow interest; but that is not to say I will smile and wave when the same is launched in a manner that is offensive to a non-Muslim in attendance!” She concluded.
Police in Mbarara are holding two men alleged to have hacked bodaboda riders at night.

Kamuhebwa Ronald 20yrs, symptoms a resident of Rubare Ntungamo and Busigye Haruna, cheap a resident of Katete Mbarara were netted after assaulting a bodaboda cyclist and taking off with motorcycle

David Kasigambi the victim said he was ambushed, terribly beaten and hacked by the iron bar wielding men on his way to Kyera Birere Isingiro.

David conducts his work from holly innocent stage Nyamitanga in Mbarara where he picked a passenger to Isingiro.

He says he was ambushed and severely beaten and his motorcycle taken, before it was intercepted by police. The assailants also reportedly raped the female passenger David was transporting and she is carried hospitalized at Mbarara Referral Hospital.

The goons were tracked and arrested this morning at their home in Katete Mbarara according to police. However OC police station Jaffar Magyezi said the gang is still out there, and police is working round the clock to bring it all down.


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