Mbarara City Race: Mwine Mpaka Trails Mbarebaki in New Poll

A recent opinion in the newly created Mbarara City has placed independent candidate Emmy Mbarebaki in the lead, ahead of the four other candidates in the race.

The poll conducted by the Green Nation Group placed Mr Mbarebaki in the driving seat with 47%, well ahead of the suggested favorite, Hon Mwiine Mpaka who is second with only 20%.

Hon Mpaka is the outgoing Youth MP for Western Uganda. In 2019 however, he announced that he was to run for the Mbarara City Parliamentary race.

In September last year, Mpaka successfully beat Mbarebaki and four others with over 67% in the NRM primaries.

The election however, was marred with allegations of violence with forced the Electoral Commission to temporarily halt voting at some polling stations.

After the election, Mbarebaki announced that he would contest in the main election as an independent.

He accused Mwine Mpaka, who is also the son of Minister Bright Rwamirama, of “orchestrating several irregularities, including intimidation of my polling agents and voters, massive systematic vote rigging, broad day voter bribery, utter disregard of NRM polling guidelines and the laws of Uganda with impunity decided to declare himself a winner”

In the new poll, the Green Nation Group says it surveyed over 2000 registered voters in the city.


The poll shows that 47% of the sampled voter said they would vote for Mbarebaki, while 20% went for Mwine Mpaka.

Another 12% of the voters went for Naswire Sekamate while 7% backed Bright Muhumuza.

The presidential and parliamentary elections will be held next week on January 14th

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