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Mbarara Businessman Survives Strangulation

Police in Mbarara is hunting for assailants who near killed a businessman dealing in bananas in Mbarara town last night.

The robbers, cure police says, website like this tracked Robert Mbiika who works in Nateete and Busega and tried to strangle him with a rope before running away with his money.

Mbiika who looked feeble told Chimpreports at Mbarara Police that the thugs first came to him as banana sellers and spent time with him until the night when they turned against him and put a rope in his neck and started choking him.

Afterwards he says he was put on a bodaboda and taken toward Uganda Martyrs Church where he was dumped; perhaps presuming that he was dead. They took away all his money (1.6Shs. million) and his shoes.

This was where he was found by passersby in the morning and rushed to Mbarara Referral Hospital.

Mbarara police OC-CID Taban Chiriga the group is on the run and being hunted.

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